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Westie International is your gateway to effective products, services and business opportunities.  As an independent global marketer of goods and services and we are dedicated to providing to the internet community, the best products when possible, competitive prices, product guarantees, customer service which is second to none, and of the highest standard possible as reflected in our motto We market to you better".

When we thought of the name Westie International, we were not thinking about a little white dog from the Highland of Scotland called a West Highland Terrier aka westie. But since we both have similar names, it was decided to dedicate a page to the West Highland Terrier aka westie. Click here now for further information.

Westie International provides an avenue for you to shop at targeted website links to stores and services online.  Each shopping link and targeted websites offers you a no-nonsense approach to your surfing and shopping experience since there are no banner ads or gimmicks to slow you down.  All you do is search, find and click to see products or information.

In our offline marketing approach we use an unique but very effective method of person to person via work from home or independent distributorships.  This specialized group of independent distributors are known as Network Marketers and our network of representatives has a global reach in selective countries totalling over 50 countries. 

We are strong believers that Network Marketing is the main building block to stable marketing of goods and services in this ever changing global marketplace. It is our intention to raise the bar and have network marketers being fully accepted like any other career choice and in high demand by mainstream business companies who can see and understand the effectiveness of our service because our network of distributors can effectively create dedicated brand loyalty on a global scale quickly and everlasting with low advertising cost to the company. Of course in order for any product or service to be effective among our network of distributors. It must be an incredible and unique product or service that can only be obtain via the network. 

Westie International is also a lifestyle change specialist. We show people how to obtain the dreams and wishes they want for themselves using network marketing as the vehicle to achieve it. We teach anyone how to earn a good income from home on a weekly or monthly basis and then how to earn enough income to stay at home fulltime without having to work for anyone but yourself.  We accomplish these goals by assisting you to development your own successful home-based business while showing you how to live the lifestyle you want.

Our training is easy to follow, and different in many aspects from what people might think about Network Marketing.  Anyone who is serious about a lifestyle change and are willing to put in the effort needed to accomplish their goals can be successful. We train a select group of individuals every 120 days. In fact we say this all the time to people who want to be successful and are willing to try something that is not what they might be accustomed to doing:

"It is not what you can do for me but rather what we can do for each other. Success begins by you saying I will try". 

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