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Video Message by Group Founder - Andrew Streat

Hello and welcome to the team,

My name is Andrew Streat, I am the founder of the team called "Westie International Marketing Group" or WIMG for short. Our group motto is "Together We Can" which means that whatever challenges are place before you can be overcome with the help of the team working with you as one.

This page is a doorway to the team training page for World Global Network. In order to be successful in any business venture, you need to have your business set up correctly, have the proper training to conduct your business with professionalism and the right mindset to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

The steps you will learn from this training course is your foundation to a successful business.

Applying what you have been taught often and having success working your business is the completed house.  When you start to share product information and the business opportunity with others. You will find that "The more times you share with others the better you will become and more successful you will be".

Remember to always make it your solid duty to be a qualified member because you will save money on your purchases, it also shows your financial commitment to your project and finally you would never miss any commission payments due to you once the requirements for payments are met.

Taking the time to review our course information and train yourself along with the guidance of your coach shows how serious you are to your financial and business success.

With proper training which you will receive as a member of this group; plus having a focused mind always and with intelligent effort, you will achieve success.

All the best; may you have much success, happiness and see you at the top.



The Basic Plan

Everything you are being taught should be passed on to the next person who joined the team with you.  And because of this reason, it is important that you understand, remember and apply these steps.

Always lead your team by example. Do not expect anyone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

Our approach is based on simple step by step procedures. We do things this way so that anyone can follow our program and be successful without the need to re-invent the wheel or use untested methods and techniques.

Your success is our #1 priority and game plan.

All our methods are based on KISS = Keep It Simply Simple and UTT = Use, Talk & Teach.

May you achieve all your dreams and goals. And remember, it takes motivation, dedication and effort to achieve anything you truly want in life.

Are you ready to take the journey on our success train?

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The Training

Step #1: Complete our Action Training Course. This training is very important to your success and the information you provide to your coach as you complete specific tasks will be use to complete your business marketing plan.

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Step #2: Just do it or GOYA = Get Off Your As........

Order of Contact

For Questions

When you have questions or need help this is the chain of action procedures you need to follow

Step A: Contact your coach first.

Step B: Post a message to the Facebook group World Global Network Team S5 - "Using Innovation to Improve Your Life".

Step C: Post your question to WIMG Global: Click here now and bookmark it.

Additional Information

Any questions or concerns you may have

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